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The Stars: Amii and Andy

The Backdrop: The Rolling Hills of Shartlesville, PN

Beginnings: If I were to pick one day my career truly began, it was the wedding of Amii and Andy. Technically I had photographed important moments before- an engagement session here and there, some kids photos, even parts of a wedding with B&W only film. But the day I decided I’d like to do this as a profession came down to a down-to-earth, unashamedly grateful couple (who also happened to introduce me to my husband).

I love telling this story. I was attending my first ever Northernroom Concert (please look up their music- incredible) on the streets of Milwaukee when I started chatting with Amii about her upcoming wedding (just a month away). She said everything was all set, but they just needed a photographer. She looked at the camera around my neck, then at me and back at my camera. “Would you want to shoot it?” she asks. Trustingly, she hasn’t seen a single photo I’ve taken. Not one. Excitedly she runs back to her fiancee and they come back to me ten minutes later- “We’ve been praying about it, and we’d really like you to shoot our wedding.” I told her I’d double check my scheduled and get back to her right away.

Skip to July 21st, 2007 in the hills of Pennsylvania. Amii, Kiki (Amii’s sister) and I, all rushing to the church. About to shoot my first ever wedding and a crazy calm comes over me. I don’t know much about what was said, but I remember praying for Amii, for Andy, for their special day and for their marriage. I love that my career started with prayers. During the day, Andy thanks me for flying out and for shooting the wedding. I thank him back. Not sure I’d ever before been so happy doing anything. Getting to document this beautiful love, feeling fully trusted to capture the memory of their day and creatively composing portraits- I knew I could spend a lifetime doing this.

Today, Andy and Amii celebrate five years of spectacular marriage. They still love each other like crazy and have been blessed with two little darlings (and a little sweetie on the way!). This week they made the long trek, moving from Milwaukee, WI to Maricopa, AZ. An amazing path lies before them towards serving God. Here are a few highlights from the day they spoke sacred words of their promise to one another. God bless you my sweet friends. Oh, and thank you for introducing me, not only to my career, but to my own lifelong love. Forever grateful.

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