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National Adoption Day, Fort Worth, TX | An Invitation


I invite you into a courtroom. For a moment, I want you to imagine standing in the shoes of a parent ready to adopt. The child you hold in your arms, you love them more than words can say. You’ve walked a hard road to get to this day. The paperwork, heartache, waiting, red tape. And today, a judge is granting your wish to be their forever parent. You are promising to always love. To always care for. To always be there.


Now, imagine being in the little shoes. Being held by your mom as you are given your new name. Seeing your daddy cry tears of joy because his love for you is now complete. Watching the joy fill the room in the hearts of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. All here to celebrate welcoming you.


Across the states, courtrooms celebrate National Adoption Day. Volunteers are busy at work, filling balloons, arranging stuffed animals, directing extended family, taking photos and, most notably, offering law services so that families don’t have to pay a dime to finalize their adoptions. I am so grateful to have been invited to join in this celebration. Being next to families who are called to adopt is one of my greatest joys.

Blessings to you all this Christmastime with your precious little ones.


Everyone works really hard to make this day special for all the children. News crew help get the word out about this amazing event. The children take home a special pendant necklace with their name engraved. 



Each family has a special story.


These are my friends adopting their little girl! 


I got to spend a couple hours with this awesome family!

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