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Once upon a time there was a wonderful couple who loved each other very much. They had so much love, they wanted to welcome a child into their home. So they filled out a lot of paperwork, said a lot of prayers and made an adoption book for potential birth mothers to see.

God had some amazing plans of His own (and those are always the best). A friend contacted Kathryn about a baby already born. Sweet Joanna, born weighing only 1lb 3oz and waiting for parents to claim her as their own.  God chose Kathryn and Kevin to be her mom and dad. Once they were settled, I got to help tell the story of their sweet life together. Reading books, feedings, celebrating Christmas and just being close.

A year later and I returned. I got to see Joanna and all the gains she had made. I saw the way she made her parents laugh, the love she had for her daddy’s guitar playing and sitting with mom as she got her hair done.

I posted these photos, but held back one thing that made this session extra special. There was a baby boy with us there too. Because it wasn’t determined yet if he was going to be adopted, the photos below were never before posted. It was a time where Joanna was learning to be a big sister, with the possibility she may not always have a little brother. It was when Kathryn and Kevin were loving, with the possibility they may have to let go of the child they loved as their son. It was a time when everyone was loving despite a big question mark.

And then I got the message. Kathryn and Kevin would be Parker’s forever parents. To add to this time of transition, Kevin got a job at a different church and they would also be moving across the metroplex. Kathryn, a school teacher, was doing the last of her coursework and graduating with her masters degree.  A busy, but exciting time for this family.

And then, the unthinkable. Kathryn’s sister passed away, leaving behind a son. As Kathryn mourned the loss of her sister, her and her husband immediately took their nephew into their home, ensuring he would have stability. At a time of immense sadness, they did what needed to be done and they did it out of love. Where only three years ago, Kathryn and Kevin were praying for a child, God has granted them a cup that runneth over.

Last week I joined Kevin and Kathryn at the courthouse as they pledged to love and protect Parker. And what was once a question mark, is now exclaimed forever.

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