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About Us


In 2007, after shooting a wedding in the hills of Pennsylvania for a friend, Erin founded Erin Lance Photography.  In 2009, she married the love of her life and gained one amazing husband and a new completely unpronounceable last name (Vande Zande).  The hunt began for a new company name and we looked to our front yard for inspiration.






Whats behind that name?

There is no denying Erin loves purple and coincidently, our first home had a giant Jacaranda tree with gorgeous Purple Blossoms.   The first Spring of our marriage, we had an abnormally cold winter.  A month past the time the Jacaranda was supposed to bloom and we were pretty sure it wasn’t going to bud.  One day, seemingly out of nowhere, a bud, here and there.  Within a couple days, the tree was in full bloom.  For us, Purpletree is a symbol of hope- that even when things are baren, great things are to come.






Still in Love

Erin & Brian spend their free time becoming master-grillers on their new Webber, learning to tango and taste testing local ice cream/frozen yogurt stands.  Brian has an incredible eye for architectural photography, drawing from his engineering background.  He’s devilishly handsome and keeps Erin laughing.  Erin is a master Connect Four player and is known for her comedically timed puns.  She loved the eight years she spent teaching kids and is so happy to now live out the dream of photography as a full-time venture.  This summer, their lives were rocked in an amazing way with the birth of their sweet boy Asa James.  Both are humbled and routinely re-awakened to giving glory to God for all that they have.


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